Creating a website on Wikeo is green!

Ecology is at the heart of our daily concerns. At our level, we try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.
To this end, Wikeo is designed to be able to welcome a maximum of visitors on a reduced server infrastructure, in order to reduce the number of machines needed to run the service.
We use services hosted in the cloud, i.e. we do not occupy entire servers, but only use what we need, processor and memory resources are shared with others. Thus, the energy consumed is actually 100% used by Wikeo and is not wasted at any time.
Because savings start at the design stage, our working machines are then chosen according to several criteria, we work on recent laptops made from recycled materials, easily recyclable and particularly energy efficient.
Finally, Wikeo's creation-interface is designed not to consume energy if it is not stored in the active tab of your web browser, thus saving you some money on your electricity bill.
Thanks to these optimizations, we can host thousands of sites on a fraction of a machine, while Wikeo's performances remain at the top!

More than ecology, savings that directly benefit you

These measures lead to a significant reduction in the costs of our technical infrastructure.
As a result, we pass these savings directly on to our subscription prices. And this is one of our strengths because we are the cheapest on the market !

Create a greener site for your visitors

We also put everything in place to reduce the ecological impact of visits to your site. For example, if a visitor wishes to print a page from your website, it will be printed without unnecessary information, so no menu, header and footer is printed. This reduces the amount of ink and paper to be used for nothing.

We use only resource-efficient technologies. You will never see flash on Wikeo because it significantly increases the consumption of your visitors' computers.

Wikeo, a partner of choice for an eco-responsible company

If for your company too, ecology is a concern, Wikeo will be your ideal partner because we are the first on the market to put it at the heart of our operations.