What's the Cloud Computing?

Wikeo uses the Cloud Computing to host your websites. But what does it change for you?


Thanks to Cloud Computing, we can have almost infinite power from our infrastructure. If at any time Wikeo receives an abnormal traffic, an excess of power will be used temporarily, while this influence decreases in intensity.
You will never see Wikeo slow down excessively for some unknown reason.


Since we only use what we need in terms of power and the rest, unused can be given to another person who needs it, the costs are shared, Wikeo costs globally less to host than an identical solution hosted alone on a server.
These savings allow us to guarantee you the creation of a site at the lowest cost.


Your data is duplicated in real time (backup) in order to guarantee maximum data security. Should a serious problem happen to Wikeo, it would be possible to recover the data in the same state as it was before.
The software used on our machines is regularly updated to limit the risks of intrusion and data theft.