What is Wikeo?

Wikeo is a web service created to simplify the process of creating a website. The service is for everyone: Event creators, classes, associations, companies or individuals who want to share their passions, their creations or talk about their activities.
Already, the platform is helping more than 20,000 people to create, day by day, their website in the best possible conditions.

The origins of Wikeo

The web has always been a space for expression and innovation, and it is progressing thanks to all Internet users.
That is why we thought we had to ensure that everyone could contribute in their own way.
On this principle, the project has been led since 2005 by Thomas Lété, a developer passionate about the community he weaves day by day. Completely renovated in 2011, Wikeo has gained in efficiency, innovation and is especially much easier to use by users wishing to access the creation of their website for free and as simply as possible.

How about a blog?

A website is not a blog, and a blog is not a website!
It's more flexible than a blog and allows you to do many more things, you have complete control of the content without having to bypass the main use of the tool.

The advantages of Wikeo

The main argument in favor of Wikeo is its ease of use, everyone can really make a clear, nice and complete website.
In addition, a series of "modules" are made available so that the site creator can interact with his visitors.
Discover all the advantages of Wikeo.