Make a website with Wikeo

Wikeo is the framework that you need to build a website. Its benefits are numerous, here is a few :


In a few minutes, you have a ready-to-use website to show your activity, your passions or your products.

No knowledge required

You don't have to learn to code, learn to use complicated softwares, worry about your backups, Wikeo make all of that for you.

Appear in Google

Wikeo helps you to make your website appear on Google.

Blog entries are regularly issued to make you learn how to climb in search engine results pages.

Cross-browser proof

Your website created with Wikeo will be legible on every browser with any effort from your side !

Online help

Numerous tools like a blog, a forum, and a contact form are available to you in case of need.
Numerous tips and tricks are available on the blog and will help you when you will be creating a website.

Affordable plans

Wikeo is and will always be free. But you could maybe need more options. These options are available as mensual subscriptions from 3€/month.
No need of credit card, your mobilephone is enough to subscribe, via a simple SMS !

A constant evolution

Wikeo evolves as the time pass, it becomes easier to use, includes new technologies... Without any work from your side !

A-grade performances

You don't have to worry about how many visitors come to your website, the more you have, the best ! We take in charge to optimize Wikeo to make page loading the fastest we can.