Wikeo will always be free. But you maybe want to get rid of advertising or get more options. That's why we have quite cheap subscriptions.

  Free Premium Pro
Plans tailored to your needs
per month
per month
Storage50 Mb256 Mb1 Gb
Ad-free website 
Number of pages20100Unlimited
Automatic mobile website
Search engine optimization******
Possible menusTo the left, To the rightTo the left, To the right, HorizontallyTo the left, To the right, Horizontally
Basic Modules (Contact form, Blog, Hit counter, Search engine, Chat, Guest book, Social network sharing, Google maps, Top referers, Images gallery)
Premium Modules (Music player, Ads, Slideshow and more to come !)  
Pro Modules (Members area, Newsletter and more to come !)   
Customizing the wallpaper of the website 
Display ads freely 
Domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .be, .fr or .eu)  20 € per year per domain10 € per year per domain
Personnalized emails using your domain names  10 redirections to an existing email address1000 redirections to an existing email address
Prior member support 
  Best of Offer 

Why is it so cheap ?

Why would you pay more when you can pay less ?
Wikeo is a great solution for creating a website. And we think everyone should be able to create a website.

Available payment facilities

Payments from the following providers are accepted to buy subscriptions on Wikeo :

PaypalVisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiscoverBancontact/MisterCash
BNP Paribas FortisBelfiusING

Depending on your country, a few of them could not be available.

Without obligation

If you try our subscription, you make it without any obligation from your side. You can leave at any time because subscriptions are pre-paid !