The Interface

In order to guarantee you a maximum comfort when creating your site, the Wikeo interface is optimized to be as easy to use as possible.
Indeed, Wikeo wants to be accessible to the greatest number of people, that's why we make it a point of honor to make Wikeo always easier to use.
In this way, we can propose the creation of more and more advanced and complete sites without overloading our interface.


The goal of Wikeo is to allow you to create a website easily. That's why we have designed the simplest website creation interface on the market. Every month we improve this interface to make it always easier to use. Experienced users will not be lost as they will always have access to additional options related to the advanced customization of the website and the search engine optimization.


Wikeo's interface is optimized to the maximum in order to allow older PC owners not to be limited by their machine, allowing them to really let their creativity run free!


In order to guarantee optimal ease of use at all times, a qualified ergonomist validates each new feature on the site. No detail escapes him !
He experiments before anyone else with Wikeo's new features in order to propose ways to make them even easier to use.

New technologies

We are passionate about new technologies, they allow us to add interactivity on websites. We use and abuse them on Wikeo in order to make it user-friendly.
To get the most out of this interface, it is highly recommended to have an up-to-date browser.