Create a site, what for?

In the digital age it is important to have a presence on the net. Any company or SME must be visible on the net or risk losing potential customers.
Unfortunately, having a website designed by professionals is expensive, for a work that is not always satisfactory.
Moreover, in many cases, you will not be able to modify your own site and you will have to go through this web agency, which will do it whenever it feels like it.

You're never better served than by yourself

Why not create your site yourself?
You still think it's complicated? Then you haven't tried Wikeo!
Thanks to a simple interface, you will be able to create a website in a few clicks, without any special knowledge, because your time is money.

A solid foundation

We put everything in place to simplify the process of creating sites on Wikeo. The goal is that you only have to dedicate yourself to writing the content of your site.
Once your site is finished, it will be well enough designed that it will be indexed easily on search engines.

Create a free website

The creation of a website on Wikeo is entirely free of charge. We consider that everyone should be able to own a website without going broke.
For advanced users, we offer subscription packages that will allow you to remove ads and access more options.

An optimal presence on the net

It's not enough to create a website, it has to be visited. Everything is set up on Wikeo to make the search engine optimization of your sites on search engines as efficient as possible.
Subscribers benefit from additional options allowing them to refine their referencing.

Are you a social network addict or are your customers mostly on social networks? No problem, Wikeo offers you a series of tools to improve the interaction between your site and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The top of technology

At Wikeo, we are passionate about new technologies. We love to implement new things and we love challenges.
Your site created on Wikeo will be at the cutting edge of technology at all times without you having to change anything!